Nr. 8 / Juni 1998


Plattenrezensionen Leeson Nr. 8

100 Watt Smile: And Reason Flew
Aceyalone: Book of Human Language
Bazooka Cain: Viele Grüsse
Luciano Berio: Un Re in ascolto
Calexico: The Black Light
Catatonia: International Velvet
Friedrich Cerha: Spiegel u.a.
Czerkinsky: dito
Das EFX: Generation efx
David Shea: Mort Aux Vaches
Diverse: A Music City Compilation 1998
Diverse: Ihr werdet alle sterben
Diverse: Lucier/Wolff/Schlothauer/Frey
Diverse: Paradies der [Wsfa/Indigo]
Diverse: ZKM #1-#4
DJ Spooky Tha` Subliminal Kid: Synthetic Fury Ep
Drexcyia: The Quest
Fantastic Plastic Machine: dito
Morton Feldman: Diverse
Fred Frith: The Previous Evening
Gastr Del Sol: Camofleur
Vinko Globokar: Eisenberg/Airs de voyages vers l´interieur/Labour
Ground Zero: Consume Red
Hans Platzgumer & Divinités Irritées: Fingerfood
Jaal Ab Dullah: [Soleilmoon/Tesco]
Jim O’Rourke: Bad timing
Jonas: September Sex Relationship
Jurassic 5: dito
Kevin Saunderson: Faces & Phases -The Kevin Saunderson Collection
Helmut Lachenmann: Gran Torso/Guero/Pression
Larry and the Lefthanded: Quantum Rider
Michael Head: The magical world of the strands
Mobylettes: Kicking The Clouds Away
Muslimgauze: Soundtraffikar/Zuriff Moussa
Neal Casal: The Sun Rises Here
Luigi Nono: Diverse
Pop Tarts: Woman is the Fuehrer of the world
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios: 3000 Germans can`t be wrong - Live in Regensburg, Germany
Richard Davis: Telegraph
Russ Tolman: City Lights
Schneider TM: Moist
Scott 4: Recorded in state lp
Sensorama: Love
Sheb Whooley: That`s My Pa
Sir Positive: Ep
Sonic Youth/Jim O’Rourke: Invito al cielo
Space: Tin planet
Spectre: The Second Coming
Stereo Total: Juke-Box-Alarm
Techno Animal: vs. Reality
The executioners: Raida`s Theme / Remix
The Halo Benders: The Rebels Not In
The Tape Beatles: A Subtle Buoyance of Pulse
Tortoise: TNT
Trans Am: The Surveillance
Ulf Langheinrich: Degrees of Amnesia
V.A.: Shake the Nations
V.A.: Subterrean Hitz Vol. II
Walker/Czukay: Clash
Whirlpool Productions
Willi Nelson: Nashville was the roughest...
Zoviet*France: digilogue

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